Brad Pistotnik Law Orthopedic Injuries

Unfortunately, when you’re in a car accident, you’re very susceptible to acquiring injuries. More specifically, you’re more prone to acquiring an injury in your musculoskeletal system. Often times, victims of car accidents have injuries involving their bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, or bones. In the event you’re in a car accident and acquire an injury as such, it’s important to seek the right medical treatment regardless of your situation!

Depending on the severity of the accident, you might require extensive medical attention. If you’re involved in an accident with a larger vehicle, at a substantial speed, you’re more likely to incur significant injuries. Accidents that occur at high speeds, especially with vehicles of drastically different masses, often result in injuries of orthopedic nature.

Insurance companies are infamous for attempting to refuse payment for victims in these types of situations. If you’re in an accident, and feel as though you might have broken a bone or perhaps torn a ligament, it’s important for you to see an orthopedic. Orthopedics specialize in treatment for these types of injuries. Insurance companies don’t want you to seek treatment from orthopedic physicians, because they’re considered specialized services, which costs them more money.  Always seek medical treatment immediately! Without seeking the proper treatment immediately, you run the risk of further injuring yourself.

Orthopedic physicians and surgeons can assist you with various injuries including fractures, sprains, dislocations, ruptured discs, and torn muscles or ligaments. While your injury may not require surgery, it’s a necessary precaution to take. The orthopedic might suggest physical therapy or an additional consultation, either way, it’s important to rule out serious injuries!

In the event you’re in a car accident, whether you’ve acquired an injury of an orthopedic’s nature, you should always seek professional medical attention regardless of your hesitations! Call Brad Pistotnik Law, who can offer you immediate assistance and direct you to the most compassionate doctors in the Wichita, Kanas area! Brad and his law firm have experience with these types of situations and will ensure you get the medical attention you need. Call Brad at 1-800-241-BRAD for your free consultation today!