There is quite a bit of buzz surrounding JoAnna Michelle and her song “My Snap Story.” “My Snap Story” and “Entourage” are both available on i Tunes. Brad Pistotnik is very proud of his daughter and her hard work trying to make it in the music business. JoAnna Michelle has now recorded 3 original songs and the 4th one called “Too Sophisticated.” Her Youtube channel has had over 1 million hits in less tan 1 year. The music business is quite competitive and very tough but she has the hard work ethic and wants to give it her all to succeed. There are so many wonderful musicians in our city and so much talent in Wichita that Brad Pistotnik has truly enjoyed sponsoring a segment on KAKE called “Talented Teen.” It is very important to support your children in the true passions that they have inside of them. Music, dance, acting, sports and any other type of extra curricular activities that you can support them in can make their life so much more special. Brad Pistotnik Law supports the Wichita community and hopes to help talented teens get their names out there so they can live their dreams. Life is made beautiful by children, children are our future, protect the arts by supporting the dreams and passions of our local community and children’s theaters, art museums and local music flavor and festivals.