There is so much hype about self-driving cars these days. It is an exciting day and age with so much new technology to help people we often wonder when it becomes dangerous. Tesla’s self driving cars have so much new technology, but is the technology safe? It remains to be seen, many are speculating that these cars will cause problems. Road safety experts are warning the makers of this technology that it needs to be improved. Recently, there was a fatal crash in the United States while the car was on autopilot. The US authorities are investigating the incident that occurred in Williston, Florida on May 7. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration said that preliminary reports occurred when the car failed to use the brakes after a tractor-trailer pulled in front of the vehicle. Tesla is moving on with the the releasing of the vehicle.  Read more on this in the Sydney Morning Herald article by Matt Ritchel .

What people are now attempting to determine is whether or not the cars are safe or if they are dangerous. It is well-known that people can become distracted while driving, will they simply decide not to pay any attention on the roads at all? If you are still relying on the human driving the car to know when to take over the self-driving car and that human is distracted, could it be even more dangerous? Is it going to do any good to take away the human factor of road driving? It is hard to say but I believe experts are quite concerned about it. It is suspected that drivers will quit paying attention to the roads and more accidents will occur.  One would conclude that these cars are going to cause even more distracted drivers who believe the car is taking care of everything. The technology is continuing on and it is going to be very interesting to see what the future brings.

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