Head injuries are common during car accidents. Close to 2 million people each year are affected by a brain injury. 75 percent of those head injuries are classified as concussions. Head injuries are most common in 15-20 year old people but the most severe forms of concussion often are the very old and the very young. One form of brain injury is the Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI. TBI includes both open and closed head injuries. Concussion is a generic term but doesn’t necessarily mean mild or transient. Concussions that occur because of a car, truck or motorcycle accident can be very serious. It is very important that you seek medical attention immediately after your accident for a possible concussion. Some symptoms of a concussion can be feeling dazed, dizzy, headache or an altered mental status. Some people that have had a brain injury are not aware that they have one, this is why it is so important to pay attention to your loved ones after they have been in a wreck. The American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine describes a concussion as “follows: “Concussion/ mild TBI is a physiological disruption of brain function as a result of a traumatic event as manifested by at least one of the following: alteration of mental state, loss of consciousness, loss of memory or focal neurological deficit, that may or may not be transient; but where the severity of the injury does not exceed the following: post-traumatic amnesia for greater than 24 hours; Glasgow Coma Scale score 13-15, and a loss of consciousness less than 30 minutes.”

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