Brad Pistotnik has seen some catastrophic injuries in the workplace. Heavy duty equipment that is not properly maintained can be the cause of some horrible injuries on the job. You may follow proper rules and guidelines for your job, the thought of receiving personal injuries may not even occur to you. Being hurt on the job may leave you feeling emotionally overwhelmed. The traumatic accident creates physical injuries and a financial strain on your monthly budget. Brad Pistotnik Law and our team of dedicated lawyers and assistants can help remove that strain. Your employer may fight you and blame you for all of your injuries. This is very commonly done to people injured in the workplace. Brad Pistotnik sees this over and over. Brad Pistotnik is experienced in dealing with catastrophic work injury cases.

Generally, you should only involve a workers compensation attorney if a work comp injury claim meets a certain threshold. If you have suffered only a minor injury such as a cut that requires a  few stitches, then involving an attorney would make very little sense. The same applies if you were able to work through your injury.

The moment any complexities arise in your claim, you better not waste time. You should hire an experienced attorney right away. An important fact to remember is that you must notify your employer of the accident on the job within no more than ten days from the date of the injury, so notify them immediately. Call Brad Pistotnik for a free consultation.