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Brad Pistotnik Law attorneys know there are many reasons why car accidents happen. The majority of them are due to the negligence and fault of another person or driver who is not paying attention and keeping a proper lookout for other vehicles. There are many distractions for drivers such as cell phones, radios, talking to […]

Brad Pistotnik Law accident attorneys are experienced at handling personal injury cases.

Personal injury lawyers are a unique breed of lawyer. It is important to know that an experienced accident attorney should know how to deal with the insurance company and know all of their tricks to keep from paying you the money that you deserve. Many people think that if you hire a personal injury attorney […]

Brad Pistotnik wants you to use defensive driving techniques.

Brad Pistotnik is an experienced car, truck and motorcycle accident attorney who has helped thousands of injury accident victims. There are so many accidents today that are caused by distracted drivers it is important to pay attention and use defensive driving techniques. Defensive driving is the way you can use your skills to defend yourself […]

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