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What are the different types of crashes that cause you to consult an accident attorney at Brad Pistotnik Law?

Brad Pistotnik Law accident attorney injury firm knows all about the different types of car, truck, and motorcycle accidents and the injuries causes by them. It is very important if you are involved in an accident and have questions contact Brad Pistotnik Law for a free consultation to know your rights. Brad Pistotnik has been […]

brad pistotnik accident attorney

What is wrongful death? What can Attorney Brad Pistotnik do for you?

What exactly is a wrongful death lawsuit? Brad Pistotnik knows all about wrongful death and there are a few ways to explain it to you. During a wrongful death lawsuit, it must first be proven that the accused party had a responsibility toward the deceased individual. Next, there needs to be proof that the responsible […]

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Be very careful the type of attorney you hire contact Brad Pistotnik and ask questions.

Make sure you consult a personal injury attorney about your car, truck or motorcycle accident case. A law firm may be too big or too small to handle your accident case. If a law firm is too big you may not get the personal care you would like to have. A law firm that is […]

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Accident attorneys at Brad Pistotnik Law can answer your questions about your car wreck

If you are injured in an accident in the State of Kansas it is important to know that many insurers and/or defendants will attempt to ignore your personal injury claim. Finding an experienced accident attorney in Kansas who has operated in the area for a long time is important to secure fair compensation. It is important […]

brad pistotnik law

Warnings about insurance company tactics by Brad Pistotnik Law

If you have been in an accident you have probably had your life turned upside down. You need to contact an accident attorney at Brad Pistotnik Law to know your rights! No one can prepare for an accident so it hits us like a truck when we are shocked and don’t have the answers. Brad Pistotnik […]

Brad Pistotnik Law

Don’t take that insurance companies tiny check! Contact Brad Pistotnik now to know your rights!

The insurance companies are notorious for not giving the injured person what they deserve. They may not even offer to pay you at all. It is important to contact a personal injury law firm who knows how to fight the insurance company. Brad Pistotnik has been fighting the insurance companies in order to help injured […]

brad pistotnik law

You need a personal injury attorney at Brad Pistotnik Law for your back injury accident.

Many people don’t think less severe car accidents can cause bad injuries. This is simply not true. Car wrecks that seem less severe can still demand a lot of medical attention. Injuries can last forever, this means tons of medical expenses. You need to find a personal injury attorney at Brad Pistotnik Law to help […]

brad pistotnik accident attorney

Have you or a loved one been involved in a horrible accident, and need a personal injury lawyer?

Unfortunately, personal injuries are frequent in the state of Kansas. This is a fact that many people have had to experience. In the year 2013, over 132 thousand people were involved in traffic accidents. In that same year 350 were killed in an accident. When you start doing the research in our fair State of […]

brad pistotnik law

Do you need an accident attorney? Brad Pistotnik Law can help you now.

Do you need an accident attorney in Kansas or Oklahoma? Have you or someone you love been involved in a car, truck, motorcycle or construction accident that resulted in a serious injury? Most people have never anticipated or prepared for this type of incident to occur. The first consideration is to take care of the […]

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An Accident Attorney at Brad Pistotnik Law Office can help you with many different types of accidents !

At Brad Pistotnik Law we strive to help people with different types of accidents that have caused injury. We help people who have been injured in car, truck, semi-truck, and motorcycle wrecks. Brad Pistotnik Law personal injury law firm also helps people who have been injured at a construction site, on the job, or due […]

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