Brad Pistotnik has the answer to this question. Yes! You should contact a personal injury attorney after your car, truck or motorcycle wreck to get answers to your questions. Brad Pistotnik Law offers a free consultation for advice after you have been in an accident. Handling insurance companies can be tricky and before you hurt your case you should seek advice. If you are worried about contacting a lawyer please don’t be, giving advice is what we do. Brad Pistotnik Law is happy to answer your questions on the weekends, holidays and in the evenings. Car wrecks don’t just happen during normal business hours so we work the extra hours in order to help our clients get answers.

Why contact an accident attorney at Brad Pistotnik Law? Because studies show that people who hire auto accident lawyers recover more money for their injuries. For example, the Insurance Research Council (IRC), did a comprehensive study comparing the value of settlements people received for the same injury when they were represented by an attorneys versus when they did not have a lawyer. The IRC is a division of the American Institute for CPCU and the Insurance Institute of America. It happens to be funded by the big insurance companies. The insurance adjuster for your car collision will never tell you that the insurance industry’s own research establishes that people who are represented by a personal injury attorney on average end up recovering  almost three and a half times more than people who try to settle with the insurance company on their own.  Because all an attorney can help you recover is compensation for your actual losses, it means that the insurance companies are convincing injury victims to settle for less than the losses that they incurred. Brad Pistotnik Law is located in Wichita, Kansas but can help injury accident victims all over the state as well as in Oklahoma, Nebraska and Missouri. Brad Pistotnik Law has compassionate and caring attorneys and staff and we would love to help you with your accident case. Contact Brad Pistotnik now for a free consultation to know your rights!