Brad Pistotnik is a prominent Wichita attorney who has built his extensive litigation career on behalf of mistreated and/or injured victims in Kansas, Oklahoma and across the United States in many different states. A longtime experienced trial attorney in outreach to those who need the law on their side, Brad has the distinction of being the first ever lawyer to advertise on television in Kansas (which happened in 1983). Since then he has continued to grow his impact in his local area and beyond. Brad is the President of Brad Pistotnik Law P.A. His team of lawyers and paralegals are dedicated to helping personal injury victims. The practice concentrates in civil trial litigation regarding tractor-trailer accidents, motor vehicle accidents and motorcycle accidents.

In addition to these areas of concentration he has litigated in the area of OSHA with construction site accidents. His knowledge of the medical-legal aspect of medicine has allowed him to represent a number of injured persons who were injured from medical malpractice and nursing home negligence.

Brad Pistotnik graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Marketing in 1978. He then received his J.D. (doctor of law) from the University of Kansas School of Law in 1981. He has always placed a lot of emphasis on education, both for himself and for his clients. In addition to paving the way for newer, bigger opportunities, education is paramount for clients to understand and seek what they deserve out of a legal settlement. That’s why Brad works tirelessly as an attorney to guide his clients through the process. He also shares tips and tricks on his own website in order to make the often confusing or complex world of law more accessible to the average reader. Brad’s knowledge of Spanish combined with interpreters allows him to connect with more clients.

Over the years Brad has utilized his knowledge as a trial lawyer in various ways. In addition to representing clients, he is a published author. He recently published Truck Accidents Kill. He wrote Divorce War! 50 Strategies Every Woman Needs to Know to Win, a successful book released in 1995. Brad later had a guest appearance on Geraldo, a popular daytime television talk show, in which he discussed his career and the release of the book. Brad has also written articles about tractor-trailer accidents and the federal regulation of transportation. He has been a speaker at continuing education seminars for the Kansas Bar Association.

Since then, Brad Pistotnik has appeared on television again, holding an “Ask Brad” segment on the popular Brett and Sierra Show on KWCH-12. He answered weekly questions that viewers submitted regarding automobile accidents and their legal rights.

Brad Pistotnik enjoys being a family man and likes and hanging out with his wife of 19 years Christina and his daughter JoAnna. Brad and his family work hard giving back to their community. Brad Pistotnik Law sponsors a talented teen segment on KAKE and Honor a Kansas Nurse on KSN.

Beyond his career in law, Brad is fascinated by technology and its ongoing role– for better or for worse– in modern legal situations. He also enjoys learning about the ever-changing worlds of SEO and marketing, and he attends topical industry conferences.

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