At Brad Pistotnik Law we strive to help people with different types of accidents that have caused injury. We help people who have been injured in car, truck, semi-truck, and motorcycle wrecks. Brad Pistotnik Law personal injury law firm also helps people who have been injured at a construction site, on the job, or due to a slip and fall or trip and fall. The important job of an attorney is the fact that you are injured due to some other persons negligence. Safety is important in our everyday lives and although we can try to be as safe as possible, it doesn’t mean that everyone around you has the same idea. Accidents happen and although that is an understood fact of life, it is important to recognize when your injuries are completely the fault of another person or entity that doesn’t promote a safe environment. When you have injuries that are the fault of someone else it is important that the goal is to get you back to the health you had before your accident. This doesn’t always happen but it is definitely the goal of a personal injury lawyer. That is the entire reason that we like to get involved, to protect the injured person and to help them get on the speedy road to recovery. We handle and are familiar with different types of injuries such as brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, knee injuries, shoulder injuries, broken legs or leg fractures, neck injuries and even types of paralysis and amputation injuries. ¬†Brad Pistotnik and his law firm can help you in cities and towns all around the state of Kansas such as Topeka, Derby, Garden City,¬†Dodge City and Wichita. Call 1-800-241-BRAD now to Know Your Rights!!!