Brad Pistotnik Law | Winter Weather

With the winter months upon us, it’s important to be aware of the potential dangers behind truck drivers and bad weather. During times of inclement weather, most importantly during snow and ice, it’s important that truck drivers anticipate ahead of time the condition of roadways. Without proper anticipation and/or changes to schedules, passenger vehicles are left at risk of significant injuries.

Unfortunately, not all truck drivers adhere to the rules of FMCSR regarding discontinuance of service. The FMCSR requires that drivers take extreme caution in the operation of a commercial motor vehicle during hazardous weather conditions. These conditions, such as snow, ice and sleet can greatly affect visibility and traction for truck drivers thus, the imperative need for drivers to abide by such rules.

During such conditions, speed becomes a serious risk factor. A drivers speed should be significantly reduced during hazardous weather. Ultimately, should weather conditions persist, or become sufficiently dangerous, the operation of the commercial motor vehicle should be suspended until further notice.

Bad weather is dangerous for all motorists, as roads will become slippery and unpredictable. What’s most pressing is that these commercial vehicles are significantly larger in mass and size, making the consequences that much more detrimental. The force behind such large vehicles will cause the truck to slip and slide across roadways, and leave the driver with little to no control. Once a commercial vehicle starts to slide and turn, the driver is no longer able to prevent an accident due to the force behind such a mass. The weight of the load is also a considerable factor. Truck drivers fail to take into consideration the impact their load can have on passenger vehicles, which unfortunately can be the cause of fatality.

Truck drivers need to be considerate of the passenger vehicles sharing the roadways with them. When bad weather is present, it’s important for truck drivers to reduce speed and ultimately know when it’s time discontinue operation all together.

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