Recently there have been accident attorneys who are representing themselves as giving discount attorney fees to their clients. Brad Pistotnik wants to warn you about these types of ads. They can be very misleading. The idea is that you should hire them because they won’t charge you a high rate. What you need to know about these claims is what exactly goes into your car accident injury case. After you consult and sign a contract with an attorney there are several things that should start happening. Your case shouldn’t just sit there in limbo for a year, the attorney should begin work on it immediately. That can be the difference between a discount attorney and an attorney who has the commitment and compassion and dedication to your case. The law firm should be doing work on your case, making calls on your behalf and getting all of the information in order to get your case resolved for you in the most efficient way possible while getting you the absolute compensation you deserve. That takes a large office staff of lawyers and help who are knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the insurance company. Hard work and determination aren’t what a discount attorney will do. A discount attorney will do the least amount possible and it will have a direct negative relationship to what your recovery amount will be. A discount attorney will simply do the least amount of work possible and have the smallest staff in order to make a quick buck off of your unfortunate accident. Brad Pistotnik will begin work immediately on your case, he will spend his own money and time to help you get the compensation you deserve. He will fight for you as hard as humanly possible, he will not cut corners in order to get you a quick settlement like a discount lawyer. He has a full staff of wonderful people who also want to see that you receive the highest compensation possible for your injuries. Contact Brad Pistotnik Law firm now for a free consultation.