Brad Pistotnik can handle your accident case in Kansas and Oklahoma. Brad Pistotnik has been handling personal injury cases since 1981. If you have been injured in an accident Brad can help you with your case. Pistotnik has a compassionate and caring staff of attorneys and paralegals and interpreters to help with your accident case. Being involved in an accident is very stressful and frustrating and Brad Pistotnik would like to help you get through the process as easily as possible. Brad Pistotnik has been dealing with the insurance companies and their evil tactics to keep you from getting the compensation you deserve.

The first things the insurance company will do is try and get a taped statement from you about your accident. If you give this taped statement they will use it against you to decrease your recovery. They will try and find any possible reason to blame you for the accident so that they do not have to pay you. Beware of the insurance company and protect yourself by calling a personal injury attorney at Brad Pistotnik Law.

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