Brad Pistotnik is located in Wichita, Kansas but can help you all over the State of Kansas and in Oklahoma. If you have been injured in a car, truck or motorcycle accident and need the advice of a personal injury lawyer contact Brad now to know your rights! We can help people in towns such as Millerton, Mill Creek, Gracemont and Disney in Oklahoma. We also travel to Dodge City, Garden City, Hays and Salina. These smaller towns may need our help and we are happy to travel to you in case you have been injured. There are big truck accidents near these cities and towns because of highly trafficked roadways. Don’t kid yourself, the insurance companies travel to these small towns and interview people so be very careful thinking that the insurance company is your friend, they are not. Most importantly, the insurance company for the person that hit you is trying to speak to you also. They send out investigators, they look at social posts, they do everything they can to keep their money. You need to get an attorney who will fight hard for you. An accident can arrest your life and stop you from enjoying things that are very important to you. Accidents cause grief and pain and misery. Contact Brad Pistotnik and get a personal injury attorney on your side!