Brad Pistotnik has been helping injury accident victims for over 30 years. When Brad Pistotnik graduated from law school he did  the basic legal work that an attorney does trying to find their way for a brief period of time. He then decided that helping accident victims was his chosen path. Brad Pistotnik fights for people who are  injured from a car, truck or motorcycle accident in his  Wichita, Kansas Law Firm Brad Pistotnik Law. Brad founded the law firm Pistotnik Law Office and now practices law at Brad Pistotnik Law. Brad Pistotnik fights hard for his clients and takes pride in hiring other accident attorneys who truly care about their clients. You are not a cog in the wheel at Brad Pistotnik Law. All clients are like family to Brad Pistotnik. That is why Brad Pistotnik has his law firm, a firm he can be proud of. He has the staff that is compassionate about the clients injuries. He has and will spend the time and funds it takes to get the injured person and their family what they truly deserve.