Brad Pistotnik has the knowledge, the work ethic and the funds to help you with your personal injury case. Brad Pistotnik has been fighting for his clients for over 35 years. That experience and work ethic are the reason that he created his own firm with a wonderful staff in order to help injured people in the most compassionate way possible. It is important that your attorney actually cares about you and has the compassion to get you the best possible outcome. Be very careful that you don’t hire a settlement attorney, an attorney who won’t fight for you and won’t take the time needed to spend on your case. The important thing about hiring an attorney is that they should get you more than you would get if you didn’t have an attorney. Accident lawyers and personal injury attorneys help accident victims get approximately 4.3 times more by using an attorney then accident victims who going on their own according to insurance research Council study from 1994. Brad Pistotnik knows this is true. Brad Pistotnik has sued some of the major insurance carriers for years when most lawyers did not yet know that the Insurance Research Council study even existed. In fact, very few attorneys have seen this rare document that insurance companies shield and protect. Brad Pistotnik has a copy of the actual study. Before you wreck your case contact Brad Pistotnik Law. Brad Pistotnik founded the original Pistotnik Law Office and is now located at Brad Pistotnik Law.