Some of the most frequently seen injuries that are caused by truck, auto, and motorcycle accidents are brain injuries and what is called traumatic brain injury. Brad Pistotnik is familiar with all the different injuries an accident attorney sees as a result of an accident. Personal injury lawyers should be familiar with Traumatic Brain Injuries. A traumatic brain injury or a TBI is a complex injury with very many different symptoms and disabilities. One of the most disturbing things about a traumatic brain injury is that the person who has suffered the injury may not be aware of all of the symptoms. It may take a close relative or loved one to really notice a difference in the injury victim. TBI can be classified as mild and severe. It is important to recognize the symptoms.

Signs of a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury:



Visual disturbances

Memory loss

Feelings of depression




Poor attention and concentration

Sleep disturbances

Loss of balance

Mood changes

Loss of smell

Getting lost or confused

Slowness in thinking


Sensitivity to light and sound

Symptoms of a severe Traumatic Brain Injury:

Attention difficulty

Concentration problems




Language processing difficulty

Executive function problems

Speech and language difficulty

Problems writing

Speaking too fast or too slow

Slurred speech

Difficulty being understood

The symptoms of a traumatic brain injury are very devastating to the person who was injured as well as their family. It is important to contact an accident attorney who is sympathetic to your injuries. You need an attorney who is compassionate and doesn’t send you out the door and wait for you to finish treatment. You need an attorney from Brad Pistotnik Law who can help guide you in the right direction to get the highest compensation possible for your injury. Insurance companies may send you to physicians who will try and say that your brain injury is not severe or won’t debilitate you in any way. Traumatic Brain Injuries are serious and they do affect your life and the loved ones around you. Do not hire an attorney who send you out the door and then don’t show an interest in helping you get better.  Brad Pistotnik Law attorneys want to help you get better and want you to see the right physicians who care about you. While some attorneys will tell you to contact them when you finish treatment and do the least amount of work possible, Brad Pistotnik will help you every step of the way. That is why Brad Pistotnik has his own law firm, Brad knows there are attorneys out there that don’t help you through the important parts of your case. There are attorneys who expect you to know what to do. The truth is, most people really need the guidance and that is the reason you contact an attorney. Brad Pistotnik won’t leave you and your case hanging in the dark. Contact Brad Pistotnik Law now to KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!