Brad Pistotnik Law can help with your car, truck or motorcycle collision injuries.  Brad can also help you with slip and falls, construction accidents, workplace injuries and any other type of personal injury claim. Pistotnik Law was founded by Brad Pistotnik and has been in Wichita helping injury accident victims for decades. Brad Pistotnik Law near 21st and Webb in Wichita, Kansas but can help people over the entire State of Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Illinois and Missouri. If you have been in an accident it is important that you contact an attorney to get solid advice before you harm your potential case. An attorney at Brad Pistotnik Law can help you determine if you have a case and what you might want to think about doing. A personal injury case is determined by different factors but the most important factor is that you are injured. If you do not seek medical treatment immediately after an accident the insurance company will determine that you aren’t injured. That isn’t always the case as some people are afraid to incur the medical bills and do not want to go get checked out. Your health should be the most important thing to you after you have been in a wreck. Get checked out right away. So that you can go back to your normal life as quick as possible.