Injury accident victims often call me with questions about what to say to the insurance company. One of the main things I advise people who call is that they should NOT give a taped or recorded statement. Do not admit fault or sign anything that could hurt your case. It is very important that injury accident victims understand that the insurance company will use this information against you. Unfortunately, it happens thousands of times a day. A persona is involved in a wreck, they instantly want to be helped by the insurance company so they call them. The insurance company will want to take a taped statement and the person involved in the accident will give as much information as possible. The insurance company is just looking for information to use against you. The injured person innocently gives information not knowing it could harm their case. The best thing to do is consult with an attorney before this happens. The sooner the better! Brad Pistotnik Law can help you avoid this taped statement and give you the proper legal advice of what to do. Contact Brad Pistotnik Law firm now for a free consultation.