What happens if you don’t seek medical attention after you have been in a accident? You could be hurt more than you realize and do further damage to yourself. You could also damage your case. Insurance companies look at how much time has passed between your car wreck and your medical treatment. This means that they red flag your case and decide not to pay if there is more time than they think is acceptable. That is usually one day. A person who has been in an auto accident may not realize they are injured until they wake up the next day and realize that they hurt really bad. That is a very normal thing to occur. People may not want to admit they are hurt or may be worried about the money it could cost to get treatment. The problem is, the insurance company is looking for a reason to avoid paying you. You are required to carry Personal Injury Protection or PIP that will cover a reasonable amount of medical treatment after an accident. That is a good reason to go ahead and get checked out. After you have been injured in an auto accident seek proper medical treatment and then contact Brad Pistotnik.