Brad Pistotnik is an experienced car, truck and motorcycle accident attorney who has helped thousands of injury accident victims. There are so many accidents today that are caused by distracted drivers it is important to pay attention and use defensive driving techniques. Defensive driving is the way you can use your skills to defend yourself against possible collisions caused by bad drivers. As a defensive driver you must always look ahead and around you to spot potential problems for you as a driver. Act immediately if you spot a potential hazard.

Defensive drivers need to pay special attention to things such as people driving erratically, drunk drivers, vehicle operators who are on the phone or eating. Of course weather is always another important factor to pay close attention to. It is always safer to assume another driver on the road is going to do something wrong or risky. This helps to anticipate possible accidents.

Unfortunately you may not always be able to predict another driver’s behavior and accidents do and will happen. If you find yourself the victim of a driver who is not paying attention or driving recklessly, call Brad Pistotnik now. Brad Pistotnik is an experienced personal injury trial lawyer who can help you after your accident. It’s always a free consultation. Before you give a statement to the insurance company call Brad Pistotnik at his law firm.