Brad Pistotnik Law can help you if you have been injured in an accident. Pistotnik Law founder Brad has been helping people in Kansas for over 35 years. How do you know when you need a lawyer for your personal injury claim? If you are injured then you need to find a personal injury lawyer right away! Call Brad Pistotnik immedialtely!

Do you have severe injuries from your accident? If you do then you need to call an accident attorney immediately before you speak with the insurance company. Brad Pistotnik has been hired by people who have actually been approached by the insurance company while they are on heavy pain medication such as morphine in the hospital. The simple fact is that the insurance company will do whatever it takes to get your to say something wrong about your accident. They aren’t searching for the truth, they are searching for a reason NOT to pay you!

Remember, severe injuries require long-term care and insurance companies know this. That is why they may try to settle with you rapidly. You do not want to settle before you know what your actual damages are and an accident attorney at Brad Pistotnik Law can help you determine this amount. The insurance company always tries to either NOT PAY or they will PAY AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE. Contact Brad Pistotnik now and he will help you.

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