Cell phones have increased the amount of accidents that occur every day on the roads. There was already danger from using the radio, eating, tending to a child or even looking in ones mirror, but cell phone usage has caused more dangers than ever. It is so dangerous to look at that phone and take your eyes off of the road. Distracted driving is a term that is often used when a person is on the cell phone or doing something that has taken their attention off of the road. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducted a study that assessed the potential dangers because of the use of cell phones. Two types of cell phone behavior that leads to unsafe driving conditions were when handling the phone and the conversation introduced to the environment. The conversation itself has you thinking about something other than the road. This should make sense because although we think we can do two things at once, it truly is impossible to pay 100 percent attention to both. Take it form an accident attorney at Brad Pistotnik Law, we see tons of accident that are caused by cell phone usage and distracted driving, don’t be one of the statistics. That wreck will happen and you won’t know what hit you, or what you hit!

The dangers of using a cell phone while on the road have been proven time and time again. Distracted driving is real and it is very scary. If you have been injured by a distracted driver contact an accident attorney at Brad Pistotnik Law. Brad Pistotnik can help you in Wichita, El Dorado, Salina, Topeka, Goodland, Great Bend, Garden City, Dodge City and all other cities and towns in Kansas and Oklahoma. Brad Pistotnik has been helping people who have been hurt by a distracted drier for over 30 years. Get Brad Pistotnik on your side by calling 1-800-241-BRAD now to know your rights!