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After being in a car accident, you’re likely feeling overwhelmed by a variety of questions and concerns. One of the impending concerns you’ll have is how and when are you going to get your car fixed. Before you proceed with any calls to insurance companies, you’ll want to establish the party at fault.

Given the other vehicle is at fault, you’ll have one of two options. First, you can use your full coverage insurance and pay your deductible to have the car fixed. This is the quickest option for getting your car fixed in a timely manner; however, if your policy doesn’t include collision coverage this isn’t an option for you. If you don’t wish to shell out the money for the deductible your second option is waiting for a police report.

Police reports are necessary in order for you to claim fault to another party and pursue as a claimant. Unfortunately, police reports are notorious for delays. It could take you as long as a few months for you to receive the report. Once you’re in the possession of the report you’ll have to call the at-fault driver’s insurance to file a claim, and here awaits another obstacle. If the party at fault has yet to call in the claim to their insurance carrier, you’ll have to wait until the carrier gets in touch with them for statements as a part of their investigation. Insurance companies often prolong this process as the longer they delay payment for a claim, the more money they ultimately make.

To avoid further apprehension after an accident, it’s best to go forth using your full coverage. If you’re unsure of what to do in the event of an accident, call Brad Pistotnik Law for a free consultation. Brad Pistotnik Law will gladly discuss your situation with you and offer free advice so that you may settle it on your own. In the event you have a bodily injury claim from the same accident, Brad Pistotnik Law will help you pursue your property damage claim at no cost!