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Vehicle safety statistics are something you might want to consider while car shopping.  A new study performed by the University of Buffalo suggests that more money buys safer vehicles. It is a common understanding that bigger vehicles have the upper hand in an accident than smaller passenger vehicles. Vehicle weight and price of the automobile were proven safety factors in this study as well. The study researched real-world personal injury claims and automobile accidents involving 360 various 2010-2012 year made automobiles. While the government crash tests provide some valuable information, their experiments must be completely clean and typically use only one motor vehicle per accident.

According to the University of Buffalo study, every $10,000 spent on a motor vehicle decreases the injuries by nearly 12%.

The study also supported that while overall size does matters in vehicle safety, the weight of a car or truck matters more than the length or width. Automobiles are 19% safer per 1,000 pound weight increase. According to this study, heavier vehicles push lighter vehicles around much easier which changes velocity for smaller vehicles in a crash where impact with a heavier vehicle occurs. Vehicles that are larger in size typically provide larger crush zones and more materials to protect occupants. Automobiles that sit higher or taller typically override smaller cars because of bumper height. These features of overall size, safety features, and sophistication are traditionally found in the more expensive vehicles.

Overall, this study supported the fact that money can buy safety to an extent when purchasing a vehicle. Fortunately, advanced safety features and technologies are rapidly becoming more common in less expensive, smaller vehicles. Government safety tests hold manufacturers responsible for producing safer vehicles. We are heading in the right direction when it comes to safety for everyone. If you are in the market for a new vehicle and just cannot afford a luxury automobile, we suggest at a minimum making sure all safety boxes have been checked and you look at all possible features you can get in an automobile.

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For more information about this survey check out the study done by the University of Buffalo.