A common question amongst most victims who’ve been involved in a car accident, is how should they pay for their medical treatment acquired from a car accident? There are varying components that come to into play when it comes to medical bills acquired from a car accident, which is why most people choose to hire a lawyer. First, if you’re ever in a car accident, it’s imperative that you go to a hospital immediately following the crash!

For those living in Wichita, Western Kansas, Dodge City, Garden City, or Liberal, the K.S.A. 40-3113a et. seq. provides personal injury protection (PIP) benefits statute to anyone involved in a car accident, regardless of who was at fault. Often times your PIP is used as the first level of insurance prior to using your health care insurance. In most situations, they’re paid back by the at-fault insurance carrier.

In most cases, a lawyer is often needed to help decipher whether or not medical PIP is duplicative. If your damages are higher than your PIP benefits plus all of the defendant’s bodily injury limits of coverage, you are not required to pay back PIP benefits. The issue of duplicative PIP benefits is based on a case-by-case factual analysis, which is why most people choose to hire a lawyer. Insurance companies will often argue that the amount of total bodily damages doesn’t exceed the total insurance carrier limits plus PIP and will refuse to waive PIP subrogation, again, where you’ll need a lawyer to dispute this claim!

Medical insurance companies will likely refuse to pay your medical bills from a car accident until you’ve proven that all PIP benefits have been exhausted. A personal injury lawyer will make this process a lot more bearable for you, especially in such a difficult time.

If you’re in a car accident go to the hospital and leave the rest to your lawyer. Brad Pistotnik Law offers free consultations and will come to you! Under no circumstances should you speak to the insurance adjuster without first speaking to your lawyer! Call Brad at 316-684-4400! Or visit BradPistotnikLaw.com for more information!