Have you or a loved one been in a life changing car, motorcycle or truck accident? These kinds of accidents can be devastating. It is important when seeking an attorney to help you that he or she has the experience needed to help you. Brad Pistotnik knows the insurance company tactics. Brad Pistotnik knows the physicians who are compassionate and care for injury accident victims. The insurance company often tries to send injured people to the physicians they keep on their payroll. You should know that this is not going to help your case. The proper physicians who are sympathetic to your injuries are very important to help you get back to the health you were in before your accident. The insurance company will try and play down your injuries. They are trying to pay you the least amount possible. That is why you need an accident attorney at Brad Pistotnik Law who is on your side and can guide you in the right direction. The insurance company has lawyers so why shouldn’t you? Contact an experienced attorney at Brad Pistotnik Law now to know your rights.