Brad Pistotnik has Facebook and is active on social media. Social media is quickly changing the world and it has impacted the way we live day to day. Teenagers are constantly on Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram and it has become the norm. Adults and businesses are getting on the bandwagon and using Facebook often. Facebook is a great way to share with your relatives and friends the joys and sorrows of your life. One thing that people don’t realize about sharing on social media is how it can affect your personal injury case if you are seeking damages. When posting to social media Brad Pistotnik Law wants you to consider your future. For more information about social media and insurance companies read this article in the Huffington Post by By Michael Osakwe of

It is important to realize that everything you post to social media is available to the public. You may have privacy settings that you believe protect you but this isn’t the case. It is very easy to research people and see what they are posting. Not only do acquaintances see these posts, so do the insurance companies. Guess what? Insurance companies are checking out all of your social media posts. All of the insurance companies are scrolling through your posts to find the one thing that supports their case. Also, please be aware that just because you have erased or deleted something there is usually a record of it. When an insurance company thinks there might be a lawsuit, even if these isn’t one yet, they are watching you and your posts. If you have any questions or concerns about social media nad your accident case contact Brad Pistotnik or another injury lawyer at Brad Pistotnik Law now for a free consultation.

What exactly are they looking for? Insurance companies and their investigators are looking for any signs of happiness or physical activity that you may have or be doing. A post of you at a wedding having fun. A post of you talking about how great your day is. Posts about going to sporting events or concerts. All of these posts support their theory that you are happy and everything is fine. Not good if you are claiming you are depressed after your accident. It is hard to think about all of these possibilities when you are using social media regularly, but it is important to think about your case and use social media responsibly. At Brad Pistotnik Law we know that you are sincere about your injuries, but we also know that the insurance company will use anything they can to prove your injuries are not as bad as you are claiming. You could post a picture of the accident that day and say “thank goodness I wasn’t hurt!” You may then wake up the next morning and realize that you are in fact injured. This is just one example of how social media can hurt your case.

Be smart and be careful with your social media. Brad Pistotnik and Brad Pistotnik Law firm doesn’t expect you to delete all of your social media applications but needs you to be cautious with what you post. When you are seeking a settlement for serious damages from your vehicle injury accident the last thing that you want to do is make the insurance company mistrust the legitimacy of your claims. This is the first place the insurance company will look in order to find evidence against you. SO, if you twitter or tweet or use Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram, be careful of what you post.