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Brad Pistotnik Law firm in Wichita, Kansas

Brad Pistotnik Law can help with your car, truck or motorcycle collision injuries.  Brad can also help you with slip and falls, construction accidents, workplace injuries and any other type of personal injury claim. Pistotnik Law was founded by Brad Pistotnik and has been in Wichita helping injury accident victims for decades. Brad Pistotnik Law […]

Who is the bull attorney on tv in Wichita, Kansas? It is Brad Pistotnik the personal injury lawyer!

How do I pay for medical treatment for my car accident is a question Brad Pistotnik is often asked? Kansas being a no-fault state means that every person in a car accident is provided $4500.00 of medical coverage for the medical treatment unrelatedly of fault. If you are the owner of the title to the […]

brad pistotnik

What makes Brad Pistotnik Law different from other accident attorney law firms?

Brad Pistotnik Law firm attorneys give out their cell phone numbers. Brad Pistotnik Law answers the phone during the evenings, on the weekends and during the holidays. Brad Pistotnik Law loves their clients. We know that you may have questions about your accident on the evenings and during the weekends. The reason that we take […]

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