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Brad Pistotnik Law firm in Wichita, Kansas

Brad Pistotnik Law can help with your car, truck or motorcycle collision injuries.  Brad can also help you with slip and falls, construction accidents, workplace injuries and any other type of personal injury claim. Pistotnik Law was founded by Brad Pistotnik and has been in Wichita helping injury accident victims for decades. Brad Pistotnik Law […]

Who is the bull attorney on tv in Wichita, Kansas? It is Brad Pistotnik the personal injury lawyer!

How do I pay for medical treatment for my car accident is a question Brad Pistotnik is often asked? Kansas being a no-fault state means that every person in a car accident is provided $4500.00 of medical coverage for the medical treatment unrelatedly of fault. If you are the owner of the title to the […]

Brad Pistotnik Expands His Law Firm Again!

Brad Pistotnik is once again expanding his practice after going solo over 3 years ago. The law firm is just getting bigger and bigger and we are really excited to take over more space at the offices of Cranbrook. Brad Pistotnik has been practicing personal injury law since 1981 in Wichita, Kansas after opening the […]

Brad Pistotnik helps injured people get the compensation they deserve!

Pistotnik Law Office founder Brad Pistotnik has been helping injured Wichita and Kansas people for over 30 years. Pistotnik has been fighting for your rights and prides himself on having a law firm that has kind, compassionate and caring employees who would like to help you and your family. Brad Pistotnik doesn’t want you to […]

Brad Pistotnik is expanding his office again! Accident attorneys in Wichita are helping people every day!

Brad Pistotnik Law is pleased to announce that it is expanding once again at 10111 East 21st Street North in Wichita, Kansas. The personal injury attorneys and accident lawyers at Brad Pistotnik Law are working hard every day to help as many injured Kansas people as they can.  Because they are helping so many people […]

brad pistotnik

Brad Pistotnik Law gives accident attorney advice on taped statements.

Injury accident victims often call me with questions about what to say to the insurance company. One of the main things I advise people who call is that they should NOT give a taped or recorded statement. Do not admit fault or sign anything that could hurt your case. It is very important that injury […]

brad pistotnik

Beware accident attorneys who claim to be discount lawyers. You get what you pay for! Warning from Brad Pistotnik about injury lawyers.

Recently there have been accident attorneys who are representing themselves as giving discount attorney fees to their clients. Brad Pistotnik wants to warn you about these types of ads. They can be very misleading. The idea is that you should hire them because they won’t charge you a high rate. What you need to know […]

brad pistotnik law

Brad Pistotnik gets the job done! Contact a personal injury lawyer now to know your rights!

Brad Pistotnik is located in Wichita, Kansas but can help you all over the State of Kansas and in Oklahoma. If you have been injured in a car, truck or motorcycle accident and need the advice of a personal injury lawyer contact Brad now to know your rights! We can help people in towns such […]

Personal Injury Claims and how Brad Pistotnik Law can help you

Personal injury claims can be very difficult and have complex laws intertwined in a case. It is important to seek advice and help from an experienced accident attorney. Brad Pistotnik has the experience to help you if you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence in a car, truck motorcycle, and construction or workplace […]

brad pistotnik

Brad Pistotnik daughter JoAnna Michelle making waves in local music with My Snap Story.

There is quite a bit of buzz surrounding JoAnna Michelle and her song “My Snap Story.” “My Snap Story” and “Entourage” are both available on i Tunes. Brad Pistotnik is very proud of his daughter and her hard work trying to make it in the music business. JoAnna Michelle has now recorded 3 original songs […]

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