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Brad Pistotnik Can Handle Your Car Accident In Kansas & Oklahoma

Brad Pistotnik can handle your accident case in Kansas and Oklahoma. Brad Pistotnik has been handling personal injury cases since 1981. If you have been injured in an accident Brad can help you with your case. Pistotnik has a compassionate and caring staff of attorneys and paralegals and interpreters to help with your accident case. Being involved in […]

How Should I Pay For My Medical Bills After An Accident?

A common question amongst most victims who’ve been involved in a car accident, is how should they pay for their medical treatment acquired from a car accident? There are varying components that come to into play when it comes to medical bills acquired from a car accident, which is why most people choose to hire […]

Call Brad Pistotnik Before You Wreck Your Car Accident Case!

As soon as you are involved in an auto accident you should call Brad Pistotnik. The minute the insurance company is notified about the accident they will start working against you. Brad Pistotnik can help you figure out what to do. Remember, the insurance company makes money by NOT paying YOU! The insurance company will […]

What Types Of Injuries Might I Incur From A Car Accident?

Often times car accidents result in serious back injuries, specifically in rear end collisions. In high-speed rear-end collisions, upon collision, the force of the vehicle moves through your body resulting in back injuries, lumbar spine injuries, and thoracic spine injuries. These types of impacts can damage structural bones, shift discs in the spine and cause […]

How Do I Go About Fixing My Car After An Accident?

After being in a car accident, you’re likely feeling overwhelmed by a variety of questions and concerns. One of the impending concerns you’ll have is how and when are you going to get your car fixed. Before you proceed with any calls to insurance companies, you’ll want to establish the party at fault. Given the […]

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