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Brad Pistotnik can help you with your auto accident injury case. Contact Brad now for a free consultation if you have had any of these injuries.

Car accidents can create havoc in your life. The hope is that you didn’t get injured by the accident but many people suffer these types of injuries after they have been in a car wreck. The types of injuries are endless but some of the most common are: Head Injuries: Closed and open head injuries […]

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Brad Pistotnik handles large truck accident cases and wrote the book on it.

Truck accident cases can devastate families. Brad Pistotnik has worked hard to represent those who have been hurt in large truck accidents. Semi accidents often happen on the highway and people have suffered horrific injuries when they occur. If you have ever been traveling on the road and had to drive next to a large […]

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What do I do after my car accident? Should I contact a personal injury lawyer?

Brad Pistotnik has the answer to this question. Yes! You should contact a personal injury attorney after your car, truck or motorcycle wreck to get answers to your questions. Brad Pistotnik Law offers a free consultation for advice after you have been in an accident. Handling insurance companies can be tricky and before you hurt […]

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What exactly is a personal injury attorney?

A personal injury attorney is a lawyer who practices in what is known as tort law. Tort law refers to laws that are used to relieve injured parties from another’s wrongdoing. The person who commits the negligent act ids known as the tortfeasor. Personal injury attorney Brad Pistotnik has been practicing this type of law […]

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Brad Pistotnik Law can help you with your Brain Injury or TBI in a car, truck or motorcycle accident.

Some of the most frequently seen injuries that are caused by truck, auto, and motorcycle accidents are brain injuries and what is called traumatic brain injury. Brad Pistotnik is familiar with all the different injuries an accident attorney sees as a result of an accident. Personal injury lawyers should be familiar with Traumatic Brain Injuries. […]

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Brad Pistotnik founded Pistotnik Law office and is now the Bull accident attorney on 21st Street in Wichita at Brad Pistotnik Law

Brad Pistotnik founded Pistotnik Law office and is now the Bull accident attorney on 21st Street in Wichita. Brad Pistotnik has a law firm called Brad Pistotnik Law in Wichita, Kansas on 21st Street in east Wichita. Brad Pistotnik and his staff are caring and compassionate and cares about each and every client no matter […]

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Accident attorneys at Brad Pistotnik Law can answer your questions about your car wreck

If you are injured in an accident in the State of Kansas it is important to know that many insurers and/or defendants will attempt to ignore your personal injury claim. Finding an experienced accident attorney in Kansas who has operated in the area for a long time is important to secure fair compensation. It is important […]

Preventative Measures For An Auto Accident

Being involved in an accident is stressful enough thus, taking preventative measures as a precaution can ease your mind a bit in such an unfortunate event. Often times, when you’re in an accident, you’re immediate reaction might be to contact your insurance company, when in reality, you should be contacting your attorney. Failure to adhere […]

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You need a personal injury attorney at Brad Pistotnik Law for your back injury accident.

Many people don’t think less severe car accidents can cause bad injuries. This is simply not true. Car wrecks that seem less severe can still demand a lot of medical attention. Injuries can last forever, this means tons of medical expenses. You need to find a personal injury attorney at Brad Pistotnik Law to help […]

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Auto Accident Cases and Brad Pistotnik Law

If you’ve been in an automobile accident, chances are that it is not just your car that was damaged. If you have been injured in an automobile accident, you may have an auto accident case and may be entitled to compensation for injuries. A car accident lawsuit can be filed against the person at fault […]

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