Brad Pistotnik Law knows about Traumatic Brain Injury and the types of head, neck and spine injuries after a car, truck or motorcycle accident. Accidents can cause disruption in your life and although damage to your vehicle can be pretty awful, having injuries that you can’t comprehend can be even more disruptive. Head, neck and spine injuries are somewhat confusing for our clients because they really don’t know what to do after they suffer from these injuries. Accident victims have many questions that need to be answered.

Head injuries can really be confusing because the person who has the injury may not be aware of how different they may be acting. Head injuries can cause confusion that is mostly recognized by loved ones. Head injuries can cause headaches and depression and fatigue. Brain injuries are often hard to diagnose by physicians and this can become frustrating for the patient. Head injuries can be diagnosed by a person’s symptoms and scans may not prove these injuries. It is very important to have an attorney who understands these types of injuries so that you can get the proper medical care and treatment. Insurance companies may want the injured person to visit their physicians and they tend to be less compassionate than is needed for brain and head trauma victims.

Neck injuries can be very painful and it is important that you see the proper medical specialist in order to get the right treatment. Scans can determine the type of neck and spinal cord injury you have but some injuries may be muscle related. When a person is involved in an accident their body is thrust into different positions that aren’t normal for the human body. One of the physical conditions that can occur is known as whiplash. Whiplash is caused by a sudden distortion of the neck and can be extremely painful. Whiplash can cause referred pain to the shoulders and to the arms and legs. Whiplash can cause a myriad of symptoms. Brad Pistotnik Law takes whiplash very seriously and we know how painful neck injuries can be.

There are many different types of spinal cord injuries including slipped and herniated discs. The proper diagnosis by the right specialist is extremely important if you have pain in your neck and/or spine. A physician may recommend surgery and it is important that your attorney is familiar with the surgery and recovery process of these procedures. These surgeries can be very expensive and it is important to make the proper claims if you have been injured by an accident and surgery is recommended. An experienced personal injury lawyer should know how to proceed if you need to have surgery to get back to a life that is closer to what it was before your accident. Spinal cord injuries can be very painful and permanent nerve damage can occur. It is very important to listen to your surgeon if he/she considers surgery as one of the injured person’s best options. Contact an attorney at Brad Pistotnik Law if you have been injured and surgery is a consideration. Insurance companies will often fight these cases.

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