If you have been in an accident you have probably had your life turned upside down. You need to contact an accident attorney at Brad Pistotnik Law to know your rights! No one can prepare for an accident so it hits us like a truck when we are shocked and don’t have the answers. Brad Pistotnik Law knows how to take some of this stress off of you and your family. The stress of being in an accident can take a toll on your emotions and health. There is pressure put on all the people involved in that accident. More importantly, after a wreck the insurance company is probably making efforts to contact you for more bits of information. That simply adds to the pressure you will feel. You naturally will feel uncertain of what to do. Before you speak with the insurance company you should contact an attorney who knows exactly what the insurance company is trying to accomplish. The bottom line is that they are trying to avoid paying you. With that in mind, think about how they will try and do that. What personal injury attorneys are aware of is that the insurance companies are trying to blame other parties so that they don’t have to pay. The injured person may think it is cut and dry but the insurance company is desperately trying to figure out a way to hold on to their money. That is how they make a profit, switching blame of the fault so that they pay the least amount possible. Always remember, insurance companies are businesses trying to make a profit.

How do insurance companies do this? There are several different ways. The two things they are concerned with the most are to blame you for as much as possible for the accident and to claim that your injuries are not caused by the wreck you were in. Insurance companies will try to blame pre-existing conditions and possibly claim that you don’t need much medical care. Those two things are the insurance company’s main goals. In order to stop the insurance company from doing this to you it is crucial to consult an accident attorney before you speak with them. A good accident attorney can help guide you in the direction that is most beneficial to your personal injury case. This includes seeing the right physicians and therapists who

are sympathetic to your needs. Brad Pistotnik Law has built great relationships with caring and compassionate health care facilities and knows the doctors who can help you. Insurance companies will send you to doctors who have been helping the insurance companies for years. If you try and handle the case on your own these doctors could hurt your case. Contact an attorney at Brad Pistotnik Law for a free consultation after an accident to know your rights!