How do I pay for medical treatment for my car accident is a question Brad Pistotnik is often asked? Kansas being a no-fault state means that every person in a car accident is provided $4500.00 of medical coverage for the medical treatment unrelatedly of fault. If you are the owner of the title to the vehicle then you will have to go through your own car insurance company, even if your car was not involved in a wreck. This is the Kansas Injury Reparations Act and the PIP benefits arise under K.S.A. 40-3113a. There are only a few states in the United States that have personal injury protection benefits commonly called PIP. The minute that you have an accident you should immediately call your insurance company to report the claim and always tell them the level of your injury. Your next call should be to Brad Pistotnik Law, the attorney Brad Pistotnik is the Bull in Wichita, Kansas.  Since you have automatic medical coverage if you are insured with car insurance you don’t have to be scared of getting a bill that you can’t pay for like an ambulance ride.  What does a typical ambulance ride cost? A typical bill for an ambulance ride in Sedgwick County Kansas is approximately $800.00 through Sedgwick County EMS. The routine hospital visit with x-rays and a CT scan may be several thousand dollars. Costs vary at different hospitals but the usual similar emergency room care should be about the same. I bet you are hoping you have the right amount of insurance. How do you know? When you have higher levels of PIP benefits you can find higher levels of coverage. State Farm provides a P6 level which is $25,000 of medical coverage and a P7 level which is $50,000 of medical coverage. Farm Bureau and American Family have higher coverage amounts around 27,500.00 and may provide higher PIP benefits. AAA has higher levels of PIP benefits that may be purchased. Because Kansas is a no-fault State your health insurance will not have any obligation to pay until you have exhausted your PIP benefits. You will have to let the health care providers and hospitals know once your PIP benefits have been drained so that that they turn the rest of the medical claim into health insurance. If you don’t have any health insurance, getting treatment may be difficult. If you are injured you should always take an ambulance and ask to be seen by one of the local level one trauma hospitals. In Wichita, that is only Wesley Medical Center at Central and Hillside or Via Christi St. Francis Hospital in downtown Wichita. Other facilities and hospitals that are not level one trauma centers may provide a lesser amount of emergent care. If you have clear and consistent treatment from the first day of your accident with no gaps in time it will be helpful to your case. Gaps in treatment cause car wreck claims to have to be litigated so try to get consistent care. You should always avoid chiropractic care because the insurance industry targets chiropractic care and tries to fight those cases. If you go to a chiropractor, the chances of you getting a fair settlement are much less than if you go to a real medical doctor with specialties like orthopedics, pain management, neurosurgery, neurology and other specialties. When you are getting medical care the doctor you choose is very important. If they do not like lawsuits and lawyers they likely will not be much help to you for your care that is related to a car accident. It is always important to find a compassionate doctor who will stand behind you and write letters to help you win your case. Call in the Bull! ® We are Brad Pistotnik Law. ® Brad Pistotnik is Abogado El Toro.  Call in the Bull. ® Call us at 1-800-241-BRAD or call us on our local line at 316-684-4400. You can call Brad Pistotnik on his cell at 316-706-5020. You can call from Western Kansas at 620-THE-BULL. Our office is located at 10111 E. 21st St. N., Suite 204, Wichita, KS 67206. We are the Bull Attorneys!